Jennifer Lopez said she faced ‘unexpected setbacks’ during her wedding to Ben Affleck

Few wedding days go completely smoothly, something Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck they can attest.

After marrying in a low-key ceremony in the middle of the night in Las Vegas Last month, the couple enjoyed a larger celebration with family and friends in Georgia on August 20. But according to Lopezthere was a series of “unexpected mishaps” before the big day.

Sharing a few weeks ago the wedding photos in your newsletter On The JLo the singer-actress revealed that the week before the wedding there were daily storms in the evening at the exact time her Saturday ceremony would begin, a stomach problem that had “everyone” out cold.

Despite what you added to “the ingredients of a wedding weekend”Lopez “never had a doubt” that the wedding would go well, he shared. It seems that the couple enjoyed the celebration and that López was grateful to have the couple’s five children: her twins, Max Y Emmewhom he shares with his ex Mark Anthonyand his two daughters, violet Y seraphineand his son Samuelwhom he shares with the ex Jennifer Garnerwith them as they exchanged vows.

“The twenty years between those youthful dreams and the adult world of love and family we embraced that day brought more to this marriage than either of us could have imagined.”Lopez wrote, referring to the nearly two-decade span since she and Affleck first got engaged.

“We weren’t just marrying each other; we were marrying these children into a new family. They were the only people we asked to stand up for us at our wedding party. To our great honor and joy, each one did.”

Lopez shared that after shaking off the standard wedding day jitters, she looked her husband-to-be in the eye. “Some old wounds were healed that day and the weight of the past was finally lifted off me,” he wrote. “Full circle, and not the way we best planned it.”

As Lopez herself said: “The truth is that everyone’s story is different and we all have our paths to travel. No two people are the same. But for us, this was the perfect moment”. Here’s hoping the newlyweds have many happy years ahead of them, no matter what the journey looks like.