Jennifer Lopez terrified: bad situation, what happened to the singer

It wouldn’t be a good time for Jennifer Lopez, who got married to Ben Affleck just two months ago: what happened to the famous pop star.

If one were to describe the story of a love that fights and wins over all obstacles despite time and distance, the most fitting example in the present day would certainly be that of Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck. The two American stars have finally managed to unite their destinies after twenty years of separation one step away from pronouncing the fateful “yes”.

Jennifer Lopez delicate phase (Credits: Instagram)

The spark broke out in the early 2000s on the film set Extreme love – Tough Love. Their story was intense but, based on what was revealed at the portal Page Six from a person close to the singer, she was probably affected by their different life perspectives and in 2004 the breakup came inevitable.

Each had then taken different paths, marrying other partners and giving birth to children. The first rumors of a flashback came in 2021 and then became official news: JLo and Affleck have decided to give their love another chance and even to convince wedding.

They thus took the plunge for the first time in secret with a ceremony celebrated in Las Vegas a few months ago and then last August 20 in Georgia, in the actor’s estate in Riceboro, the same location where they should have become husband and wife twenty years ago. All is well what ends well, then? According to rumors of the last few hours, not exactly.

Jennifer Lopez already struggling with a marriage crisis? What happened

After their honeymoon around Europe, the beloved couple has returned to Los Angeles and it seems that things are not going the right way. To reveal it to the magazine Heat World is a person who knows both spouses well: “Now that all the excitement of marriage and honeymoon is gone, Jen is panicking because she fears that Ben may get bored with married life very quickly.”

According to the insider, the singer is doing everything to prevent the marriage from collapsing by trying to fill her husband’s life as much as possible: “She even tried to convince him to join her ‘punitive’ workouts and go to multiple events together. so you can keep an eye on it ”. The South American pop star would even intend to wear one game room in their villa to entice Affleck to spend more time at home, thus distracting him from his lack of inclination to domestic life.

To give a hand to these rumors, are also the impressions of the fans who recently saw them at the Malibu Chilli Cook-off Festival with the children of J Lo, Emme and Max. Many would have noticed the dark face of the actor and someone on Twitter writes: “Why does he look so damn unhappy?”

Jennifer Lopez what happened
Jennifer Lopez complex period (Credits: Instagram)

While waiting to find out if these rumors are true, we wish this couple the best.