Jennifer Lopez, the trailer of the documentary film This Is Me… Now: A Love Story. VIDEO

The countdown to the debut of ‘s ninth studio album Jennifer Lopez – due out next February 16th and awaited for ten years – is marked by the release of official trailer Of This Is Me… Now: A Love Storythe film project that accompanies e tells somehow the singer’s new music which has already been talked about and which has intrigued fans quite a bit.
The clip, over two minutes of edited images, reveals something more about the docufilm, which will be distributed via streaming from Prime Video on February 16thalso visible on Sky Q and Now, and also reveals the names of cast among which they stand out so many stellar names, Kim Petras, Keke Palmer, Jennifer Lewis but, above all, Ben Affleck whose presence is a real surprise for “Bennifer” fans

Between documentary films and biopics

With the story of his new music, which is also a tale exciting and personal his romantic historyJennifer Lopez, a record-breaking artist with her own specific place in the history of pop culture, aims to revolutionize music and TV streaming with a product with new characteristics.
As she had already anticipated before the end of 2023, when she announced her plans for the new year to fans, the Latin singer had described her docufilm for Prime Video as the flagship of her return to the scene.
A documentary which is also a biopic but which is written in the tone of a sentimental epic in which the protagonist he lays himself bare telling his story incessant search for lovea battle that has often seen her defeated and which has led her to the happiness she is enjoying today.
This Is Me… Now: A Love Story it’s a real and dreamy story whose sequences, according to the images of the engaging trailer, resemble a video clip more than a film.
The project, made with Grammy Award-winning director Dave Meyers, is a genre-blending cinematic odyssey original pastiche is that enhances Lopez’s versatilitysinger, pop star and diva of the big screen.

Ben Affleck is also in the stellar cast

The trailer, which is just a taste of the visual and audio spectacle created by J.Lo for all those who want to know her story told for the first time from her point of view, is astonishing until the end.
In fact, in the last frames, the list of big names involved in the operation for the small screen appears, all well-known faces of entertainment and music, old and new acquaintances of the singer. The last name is the one that interests fans the most. In Jennifer Lopez’s new project there is, in fact, Ben Affleck, highly anticipated presenceat this point, given that it is the historical love of Lopez, who also has him dedicated a song from the new album which is a love letter to the beloved Hollywood director and actor.
In this narrative path which, in the official synopsis, is also described as “a personal healing journey” of the singer, who has always had many dreams but who has always wanted to find love, many names involved: from Fat Joe to Trevor Noahto Post Maloneto Keke Palmerpassing through Sofia Vergara, Jay Shetty, Nei Grasse Tyson and Kim Petras. The journey into music and into J.Lo’s heart lasts about sixty-five minutes and from the first images it promises to be truly overwhelming. It’s less than a month away now.