Jennifer Lopez, until now nobody knew: she thought of revealing it

Jennifer Lopez, until now nobody knew it: the singer has revealed it to everyone only now.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck celebrated their wedding for the second time after a first almost secret yes. In part it was because only after announcing it did they reveal it even if before that they had revealed that they were ready to get married. The couple had been together many years ago and after losing sight of the love is back to beating towards each other.

Jennifer Lopez, reveals (credits: instagram)

The actor surprised the pop star by making her the marriage proposal in the place where, he said, is his favorite in the world. But how did she happen? Ben knelt down while Jlo took a hot bath: “Saturday night while I was in my favorite place on earth, my beautiful love knelt down and made me the proposal“. She said she was so excited and amazed that she looked into her eyes crying and smiling at the same time.

He couldn’t believe that after 20 years it was happening again. And so they married for the first time in secret. The second time, however, the celebration lasted a whole weekend and was held in the actor’s house in Georgia. Now, in the last few hours, the singer has revealed something that she had not yet revealed to date.

Jennifer Lopez, until now nobody knew anything: the singer revealed it herself

Jennifer Lopez can’t be happier. This is a magical time for her and Ben Affleck, her husband. The couple after 20 years, you will remember they were together many years ago, found each other again. The actor asked the singer to marry him and she said yes.

The first time they got married in secret in Las Vegas and the second time they said yes in Georgia, on the Affleck estate. The celebrations took place for three days, during which there was also an unexpected event. The actor’s mom had a little accident, she fell and got cut. It was the actor and her loved one who took her to the hospital. Apart from this inconvenience, everything would have gone smoothly. In the last few hours, the singer has revealed what no one knew yet. She has revealed some details about the second marriage and has done so relying on the newsletter On The Jlo.

jennifer lopez
Jlo, unpublished confession (credits: instagram)

He said that during those moments they laughed about their age and saying yes again at fifty. She sang for her husband, dedicating him a private concert where obviously there were friends and relatives. There was also a brunch the next day where she sported a beautiful long white and blue striped dress with a large slit. Apparently, it was a fairytale wedding as is their love.