Jeremias Rodriguez, from Argentina to Honduras: how he has changed, the before and after will leave you speechless

Jeremias Rodriguez participates for the second time in the Island of the Famous, but how has it changed in recent years? The before and after will amaze you

Beauty is undoubtedly in the family DNA. Brother of the wonderful and fascinating Belen and Cecilia Rodriguez, too Jeremias Rodriguez does not contradict itself. He arrived in Italy very young and has since become a well-known face in front of the cameras.

Jeremias Rodriguez, before and after: how he changed (Credits: Instagram)

He too, like his sisters, engaged in the fashion industry. The Rodriguez brothers have recently launched a new collection of their campaign, Hinnominate. We have already seen Jeremias participate in several reality shows. Today he participates with his father Gustavo in the new edition of the Isola dei Famosi, but in reality Jeremias has already been a competitor of the island in 2019 and even before that together with his sister Cecilia he participated in the Big Brother Vip in 2017. In short, he made himself known from home audiences and has also garnered a certain following. Today it has changed a lot compared to a few years ago. Let’s see the before and after of Jeremias Rodriguez, it will amaze you!

Jeremias Rodriguez, how it has changed over the years

Dad Gustavo e Jeremias Rodriguez they are one of the competing couples on the Island of the Famous. They are on the island of couples in Cayos Cochinos and already in the first episode they showed their strength and their teamwork by becoming leaders. Jeremias as we anticipated has already participated in the Island of the famous in 2019, let’s say that he is already ‘well educated’ on the life that the castaways lead on the island, and he will be a great supportive father for him!

Jeremias like his sisters is a well-known character on the small screen. But let’s take a step back. The child in the shot is him together with his adorable sister Belen. Also on this occasion we find the castaway at the sea, but a few years younger. A very tender Jeremias who still has that sweet expression today.

jeremias rodriguez
Credits: Instagram

Today, however, we find it on the island very different from how we left it in the last edition in which we had seen it competing. He worked a lot on his body, defining and sculpting it more. And perhaps in this adventure strengthening his build will help him considering the great physical effort he will undergo in these months.

jeremias rodriguez
Credits: Mediaset Infinity

In this first episode aired, the father-son couple won the title of leader. Are you curious to see them in the next episodes?