Jeremy Renner crushed by snow blower to save his nephew

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As emerged from the report of the accident reported by the cnnbefore being run over and crushed by a snow blower in his driveway at Lake Tahoe on New Year’s Day Jeremy Renner attempted to stop the vehicle from sliding and hitting his nephew. The machine, used by the actor to extract his nephew’s van blocked by the snow, in fact began to slide downhill “forcing Renner to get out of the vehicle without applying the brake”. After leaping out of the car, the Avengers star realized the snow blower was racing in his nephew’s direction, and attempted to climb back into the vehicle. The actor, however, was “immediately dragged” and “completely crushed under the huge snow blower”, which continued its descent. Rescued by his nephew, Renner “lay on the ground and concentrated on breathing” until doctors arrived. As evidenced by the 911 call recording, the actor manifested “extreme difficulty breathing” due to the “right side of the chest crushed and upper torso affected.” Airlifted to the hospital, Renner was admitted to intensive care and underwent at least two surgeries.


The accident, also caused by “mechanical problems” due to the malfunction of the brake indicator of the snow blower, caused Renner to break more than thirty bones. Last week, the actor wrote in an Instagram post: “These 30+ broken bones will mend, grow stronger, as well as the love and bond with my family and friends will deepen. I send love and bless you all.”