Jeremy Renner posts a video of his rehabilitation

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Jeremy Renner’s recovery is proceeding smoothly. The actor himself gave the news in a video posted on his Instagram Stories. In the short film made with a smartphone, you can simply see the star’s right leg Mayor of Kingstown stimulated by electrodes attached to a machine. “Electric Stimulation Workout and muscle strength” is the writing that accompanies the video that has the soundtrack Lady Madonna of the Beatles.

The dynamics of the accident

Renner continues to provide updates on his recovery after his life-threatening accident on New Year’s Day after being hit by a snow blower at his home in the mountains near Reno, Nevada. The complex dynamics of the accident were revealed only in the following days: Renner had climbed into the vehicle to free his nephew’s van stuck in the snow, but the vehicle started to slip on the snow forcing the actor to abandon it without pulling the brake hand. Realizing that the snow blower was going towards his nephew, Renner attempted to fly back up to regain control, and at that moment he was overwhelmed.


The consequences of the accident immediately appeared serious. The actor who plays Hawkeye in the MCU was transported by helicopter to the hospital with 30 fractures, where he underwent emergency surgery. After risking having his leg amputated, he was discharged and returned home to continue his rehabilitation. Throughout this period, Renner has always shared images, videos and messages about his health conditions with his followers.