Jeremy Renner released from hospital after snow blower accident

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Jeremy Rennerwell-known superhero Hawkeye of the Avengers and two-time Oscar nominee, is came home from the hospital after thehad an accident with a snowcat on New Year’s Day. The actor updated fans with a comment left under a Twitter post on the show’s account Mayor Of Kingstownin which he stars: “Out of my brain fog in recovery, I was very excited to watch the first episode of season 2 of Mayor Of Kingstown with my family at home”.


Jeremy is aware that he almost died that daya source told Radar Online. On New Year’s Eve, while trying to help a family member remove his snowbound car from the blizzard outside his home in the Lake Tahoe area, Renner was run over by his snowmobile, which began to wriggle up the driveway by itself. while the actor was not in the cockpit. The attempt to regain control of the vehicle was in vain: the snowcat ran over Renner, crushing his leg and chestas one rescuer recalled: “The damage to his chest was so severe that it was reconstructed in the operating room”. Between fdifficulty breathinga profuse bleeding from the head and the delay in rescue operations due to bad weather, Renner was transported to hospital by air ambulance and there he suffered several surgeries. The care of woundsaccording to the source”much more serious” of what has been reported, however, it will require further operations spaced out over time to ensure the natural recovery of the organism e at least two years for a full recovery.


Renner wrote on Instagram on Jan. 3 that he was “too bummed to write. But I send affection to all of you”. In a subsequent post, ironically titled “spa moment”, Renner showed his sister washing her hair wearing an oxygen mask and a plastic cap. In a Jan. 10 story, the actor later celebrated his 52nd birthday at the hospital in the company of family and caregivers. Among the wishes for a speedy recovery received from the beginning of the misadventure, there were those of the Avengers actors Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans And Mark Ruffalo.