Jeremy Renner, the first interview after the accident: “I chose to survive”

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I chose to survive. It won’t kill mein any way”. After risking his life in his Nevada driveway on New Year’s Day in a snow blower accident, Jeremy Renner has released his first interview to ABC Newsthat the April 6th will send in the United States Jeremy Renner: The Diane Sawyer Interview – A Story of Terror, Survival and Triumph. As reported by Guardian, theThe trailer for the interview that will anticipate the April 11 premiere of the new Disney+ series Rennervations, in which the actor will participate in person, also contains the recording of the emergency call 911 who saved his life. The audio revealed the Avengers star who, urged to “keep fighting”, moans in pain.


Last January Renner was trying to free his nephew’s car from the snow, but suddenly the snow blower had slipped in the direction of the family member. The actor had intervened to avoid the collision, but was crushed by the heavy machinery. Although he was transported to the hospital by air ambulance, hospitalized in intensive care and underwent several surgeries, Renner said in the interview: “I would do it again. Because the snow blower was going straight on my nephew “. The family member’s testimony then recalled the tragedy of the clash with his uncle:” I saw him in a pool of blood that came from his head. I ran towards him. I didn’t think he was alive“. Renner has not forgotten the pain, which he felt “everything” because “I was awake at all times.” Journalist Diane Sawyer listed the injuries reported by the star of Hawk eye, which include “eight ribs broken in fourteen places. Right knee, broken right ankle, broken left leg tibia, broken left ankle, broken right clavicle, broken right shoulder. Face, eye socket, maxilla, mandible broken. Collapsed lung. Pierced through the rib bone, your liver – that sounds awful.” Renner admitted he had doubts about the future: “What will my body look like? Am I just going to be spine and brain, like a science experiment?” In suffering, however, the actor sought positivity: “I lost a lot of flesh and blood in this experience, but I was recharged and filled with love and strength”. The interview will also show footage of Renner’s rehabilitation journey, portrayed on board an electric walker. So far, the actor has updated fans via social media on the stages of recovery, and recently released a video in which he walks for the first time with the help of an anti-gravity treadmill. “When you look in the mirror, do you see a new face?” Sawyer asked. “No, I see a lucky man”.