Jeremy Renner, the nephew described the snow blower accident in a video

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“Just where his blood is, that’s where it all happened.” In the movie issued by the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department and obtained from ABC News Alex Fries, nephew of Jeremy Rennerdescribed the dynamics ofsnow blower accident of more than six tons that on New Year’s Day on the driveway of his house in Reno, Nevada, he overwhelmed and endangered his uncle’s life while he was trying to free his vehicle from the snow. When Renner left the machinery to ascertain Fries’ condition, the snow blower slipped in the direction of his nephew and, to avoid the collision, the actor attempted to climb back into the cockpit but was crushed by the tracks: “He went out to tell me something, and then that’s when he started coming at me, full force,” Fries said. “He tried to jump on it, on the snow blower, and put it under.” In the video, in which Renner’s body lies in the snow next to the rescuers’ stretcher, a deputy finds the actor’s hat still trapped under the snow blower.


Renner, transported to hospital in air ambulancefractured more than 30 bones, was hospitalized in intensive care and has undergone several surgeries. The star of Hawk eye has constantly updated fans via social media on the progress of his recovery and, in a video published last February and accompanied by the caption “whatever it takes” taken from the film Avengers: Endgame, expressed his determination in tackling the therapies. The results were not long in coming: in recent weeks Renner has released to journalist Diane Sawyer of ABC News the first interview after the accident, in which he recalled “all” the pain because “I was awake at all times”, visited California’s Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park with his family on a motorized scooter, improvised a small dance with the aid of a cane during an appearance at the Jimmy Kimmel Live! and walked the red carpet at the premiere of the Disney+ television series Rennervations at the Westwood Regency Village Theater in Los Angeles. “I look a little beat up now, but I promise you this show is what drives me to get better and makes me want to get better every day. I made it a goal to walk this red carpet. And here I am having fun Otherwise it would have sunk into an undated abyss and lost grip and enthusiasm and I would have been very, very, very frustrated. I am very excited now because we are here,” Renner told variety.