Jerry Calà “resigned with full marks” from the clinic after a heart attack

The actor and director thanks the doctors who saved him: “All my fans, in the operating room asked me ‘lust'”

“Finally today I was discharged with flying colors from the Mediterranean Clinic in Naples where they really did a wonderful job”. To say it on the phone during ‘La Vita in Diretta’, the broadcast hosted by Alberto Matano on Rai1, is Jerry Calà, the actor who suffered a heart attack in the night between Friday and Saturday which made surgery necessary. The showman praises the work of the team that took care of him: “I’ve never seen such diligence and such speed that caused just the least possible damage that I could have because you know that in these cases – he explained to Matano – the later the intervention takes place with the application of the stents and the greater the danger that there is damage to the coronary arteries. The damage was very limited thanks to this fantastic Neapolitan team who saved my life”.

Calà says he hasn’t lost his irony even in the clinic, in addition to his catchphrase: “Apart from that they were all my fans in that OR, so they would ask me ‘Do you get offended if we ask you lust?’ and them they laughed to death, without detracting from the precision with which they saved my life. It was an evening that I will certainly never forget for the rest of my life. Just as I will never forget Naples, where I chose to set the film ‘Who kidnapped Jerry Calà?’ -he adds-City that Mara loves a lot too, then we’ll talk about it later, I’ll come and see you. Now I have to do some real retired life“.

Finally, the actor’s thanks to Matano: “Thank you for always being close to me with your broadcast and with your affection”.