Jerusalem, clashes on the Temple Mount on the last Friday of Ramadan

Calm seems to have returned – after this morning’s clashes between Palestinian protesters and police – on the Esplanade of the Mosques (the Temple Mount for Jews). The same police said that the esplanade was reopened to Muslim faithful waiting to enter for prayers on the last Friday of Ramadan. A day in which, in Jerusalem, tension has returned to rise.

The clashes

The number of Palestinian demonstrators injured by tear gas and rubber bullets in violent clashes with agents would be 42. The officers also arrested 3 protesters. The clashes began in the morning with dozens of demonstrators – the police said – who began throwing stones and fireworks at the agents and towards the Wailing Wall below and then barricaded themselves in the al-Aqsa mosque. Police went into action on the Esplanade in order to disperse the demonstrators who, according to the media, were largely masked, and waved Hamas flags. The police for days, just in anticipation of today and on the basis of the incidents of the last Friday, had reinforced the controls in the Old City.

The commemorations

We recall that Palestinians today commemorate al-Quds Day, the day established in 1979 by Iran in support of the Palestinians; marches are also planned in Damascus and the Islamic Republic.