Jessica Alves has decided to really do it: “It will change everything”, her words

Jessica Alves continues her transition path: now she has gone to Thailand to undergo a very important operation.

The whole world knew her years ago as Rodrigo, the Human Ken which has caused much discussion for the endless list of surgeries to which he has undergone in his life in order to resemble as much as possible the historical Barbie boyfriend.

Jessica Alves has chosen to really do it: “Everything will change”, her words (Credits: Instagram)

The twist, however, was just around the corner: in 2019, the 38-year-old Brazilian surprises everyone by deciding to become a woman and, through other operations (also very invasive), becomes Jessica Alves. As her current image of her clearly shows, the figure that Jessica is inspired by now is no longer that of Ken, but that of the legendary doll produced by Mattel.

Last year, in an interview with New Tv, Jessica had then made a sensational announcement: she would have her uterus implanted to become a full-fledged woman and therefore be able to give birth. Even this time there was no lack of controversy, also due to the extreme delicacy of the intervention: 5 hours of operating room, for a cost of 50 thousand euros. Meanwhile, the Alves is now in Thailand to make another change and thus cancel another part of its original nature. What will change this time?

Jessica Alves flies to Thailand: “Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time”

In the Asian country, the human Barbie will do a facelift to reduce the size of the head And the voice will change to make it more feminine. Jessica explains that her vocal chord tone is not yet well defined and people on the phone cannot tell if she is talking to a man or a woman.

“It’s very exhausting for me to always correct the pitch and intonation of my voice when I’m talking to people or when I’m on a date,” he admits. She then says that since she doesn’t like her voice, she is often forced to refuse participation on TV where she has to talk a lot.

She is certain that a feminization of the voice would give her much more security and would allow her to go on television more. “This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m sure she will change everything, ”she said enthusiastically.

Jessica Alves
Credits: Instagram

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