Jessica Melena shows a corner of the baby’s room: “We start preparing everything”

Jessica Melena shows a corner of the baby’s room that will soon arrive: “We start preparing everything”.

Jessica Melena and Ciro Immobile will become parents for the fourth time. The announcement came in May with a social post in which emotions intertwine and involve. In the video there is Jessica with the three children, the footballer resumes and says: “We must tell you that there is a baby in mommy’s womb ”.

Jessica Melena, room (credits: instagram)

The children are around the woman, the photo emanates an immeasurable happiness and the smiles on their lips, even of the little ones, fill the moment with magic. Ciro and Jessica have been married since 2014 and have become the parents of three beautiful children waiting for the fourth hour. A few days after the announcement they made it known the sex of the baby on the way: it will be a boy! They unveiled it with a new social video with lots of balloons and a bigger one made to burst and inside there were other smaller blue ones.

In recent weeks, the wife of the Lazio striker has made the followers of the steps of her pregnancy participate by publishing shots in which you can see the belly that grows as it grows. In support of an image it reports: “Motherhood is the greatest privilege in life”, with her at sea and her beauty that leaves you speechless. She is now in the seventh month of pregnancy. She is not long before birth and these days she is busy with preparations to welcome the baby. In a recent story, Instagram showed a corner of the room of the baby that will be born.

Jessica Melena shows a corner of the baby’s room: here are the details

Jessica Melena will become a mother for the fourth time. Together with Ciro Immobile he announced the sweet expectation in May, revealing a few days after sex: he is a boy. To the weekly Who told that the name will be revealed only when the baby is born but he explained that it was the boy of the house who chose it.

“Each of us wrote the name he preferred in a note and then we let Mattia fish. But we will tell you when he is born, no strange names though “, told Chi. Jessica and Ciro became Michela’s parents in 2013, Giorgia was born two years later and in 2019 the third child, Mattia, was born. The birth of the fourth child is scheduled for October 2022. The wife of the Lazio forward is very popular on social media. For the past few days, she has shown a corner of the baby’s room on the way.

Jessica Melena room
Jessica, baby room (credits: instagram)

In an instagram story he showed some details. The predominant color is blue with white. On the wall a sort of ‘landscape’ is depicted, there is the moon, the stars and the clouds: “Slowly I began to prepare everything for the arrival of my little heart”, he wrote at the top. The angle shown is very beautiful and full of magic!