Jessica Simpson mistaken for Britney Spears by a fan, the episode in a funny post

Jessica Simpson had an embarrassing encounter with a fan, choosing to recount the episode on Instagram. The 43-year-old singer, now an entrepreneur in the fashion field, said she was approached by a person looking for autographs. Except that she, that same person, she thought she was faced with… Britney Spears!

The amazement of Jessica Simpson

“The face of when someone in the Shopping Mall Parking Lot asks you for your autograph, but expects you to sign it Britney Spears,” joked Jessica Simpson. Next to her is her daughter Maxwell Drew, 11: both show an exaggeratedly shocked expression, commenting on what happened.

In truth, the similarities between Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson they are not few. Both were on the crest of the wave between the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s. Very blonde, brown eyes, roots in the South of the United States, a childhood in the blanket of Mickey Mouse Club: confusing them isn’t that difficult. Furthermore, both have brought on reality shows together with their former partners: Jessica Simpson in Newlyweds: Nick and Jessicaon MTV, Britney Spears in Britney and Kevin: Chaotic.

Britney, however, joked about that last December similarity: “Why do I look exactly like Jessica Simpson? Even my face looks so pale” she wrote at the time, posting a selfie in which she particularly resembled her colleague.

The relationship between the two stars of the nineties

Although Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson have often been pitted against each other, and portrayed in the media as rivals at the height of their careers, Simpson has openly supported Spears in recent years. On the occasion of the release of Open Bookher memoir, said she admired her colleague and felt a strong empathy towards her, because of similar stories that they have behind them. For this reason she refused to watch the unauthorized documentary Framing Britney Spears: “I don’t want to bring back the dark pieces of my personal maturity in the music world. I’ve worked a lot and I want to keep moving forward. I admire Britney’s ambition, strength and ability to live authentically“, he said.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears is preparing to launch her memoir, The Woman in Me. A book that promises to tell the singer’s incredible journey, celebrating the eternal power of music and love, and praising a woman telling her story, on her own terms. The audio version of the book will be recorded by Michelle Williams.