Jill Cooper eliminated from Big Brother, what happened in the last episode

Ciro, Massimiliano, Grecia, Beatrice, Anita and Rosy are the nominated competitors

Jill Cooper out of Big Brother 2023. It happened during the last episode, which aired on Monday 13 November. All three nominated competitors Ciro, Jill and Giuseppe think about leaving, but Giuseppe has an additional opinion: Ciro could benefit more from leaving because he is tired. But among the three it is the actor who is the first to save himself. Ciro admits that he is tired, but that doesn’t mean he gives up: “I feel like a bedside table, but I don’t want to be a bedside table. I’ll stay here as long as the public wants”.

Jill and Giuseppe at this point must choose a special person to accompany them to the verdict and reach them. The personal trainer chooses her friend Fiordaliso, while Garibaldi’s choice falls, surprisingly, on Beatrice. The actress states “He just lacked a little courage, he would have been very strong” having a little fear for the exit of the competitor: “he is a nice person, he would be fine here a little longer”. The singer’s words for her friend, however, are: “Jill is a very important person for me, there was immediately a special understanding between us” clarifying that the competitor was also very important for the other women in the House .

Jill is the one who has to abandon the game, to Fiordaliso’s displeasure. The two women embrace each other with regret, while Beatrice happily embraces Giuseppe, happy for the public’s support.

Who are the new nominated contestants

Big news changed last night’s nominations. There was no immunity, it was a free-for-all, we read on the official Big Brother website. But men and women were divided. All the men went into Superled: when the thirty seconds were over, the boys put the cards on the table. Paolo voted for Massimiliano who reciprocated the nomination. Alex, Mirko, Giampiero and Vittorio mentioned Ciro’s name, in the hope that the young man can recover. Ciro pointed to Vittorio, considering him a little alienated. Without much hesitation, Giuseppe nominated Massimiliano. Once the round is over, the result is clear: Ciro and Massimiliano are nominated.

Rosy, without too many surprises, nominated Grecia, always extraneous to the dynamics of the House. Angelica also mentioned the name of the Venezuelan actress because she sees her as too detached from the group. Beatrice can only mention Anita, due to the numerous arguments she had during the week. Anita, on the other hand, to thank Beatrice on her birthday, turns to Grecia. The misunderstandings continue between Grecia and Rosy who, in fact, decides to name the chef. Fiordaliso joins the chorus that nominates Grecia while Letizia, still resentful, sends Beatrice to the televoting.