JK Rowling accuses transgender rights activists: “My address posted online”

Writer JK Rowling, creator of Harry Potter, revealed that she received numerous death threats while criticizing three transgender rights activists who posted a photo of themselves on Twitter in front of the author’s home address, thus making it easily recognizable. . The British author thus ended up once again at the center of a controversy with even violent tones for having defended traditional feminist positions on the question of the defense of women’s biological gender identity.

The controversy over the address

The demonstrators had been photographed in front of the writer’s house with some signs, one of which said “Trans Liberation Now”. Rowling had replied in this way, reiterating her will to speak: “They should reflect on the fact that I have received so many death threats that I could wallpaper the house but I have not stopped talking.” The author described the actions of the group that posted the image showing her address as “doxxing” – the malicious act of posting personal information online. Rowling said she believed activists had tried to “intimidate her” to “defend women’s rights based on sex.”

The post deleted

The creator of Harry Potter thanked the police in Scotland, where she resides, for assisting her. A spokesman for the Scottish police said: “We are aware of this incident and the police investigation is ongoing.” One of the people involved wrote on Facebook: “Yesterday we posted a photo we took at JK Rowling’s house.” The post, which has now been deleted, said: “Since we posted this we have received a huge amount of serious and threatening transphobic messages, so we have decided to remove the photo.”

Boris Johnson’s comment

Solidarity with the writer was expressed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson through a spokesperson: “No individual should be targeted in that way. Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and people must be able to share their own. opinions alike “.

The controversy about the writer

Rowling sparked controversy in June 2020 for posting some tweets defined as transphobic. It all started with a comment by the writer on an article in which she set out to “create a more equitable post-COVID-19 world for people who have menstruating”. “People who have menstruation”, is a term chosen to overcome the concept of woman linked exclusively to the biological sphere, respecting the fluidity of gender. But JK Rowling didn’t like the expression. “’People who have menstruation’ – she commented on Twitter – I’m sure there was a word for those people. Somebody help me”. The writer criticized the notion that a person’s biological sex is not enough to define their sexual identity. A position considered by many to be anti-trans and transphobic.