Jobs Act, Conte: “A failure”. Renzi’s answer

The leader of Italia Viva: “He has created more than a million jobs”

It is a clash over the Jobs Act. Giuseppe Conte speaks of “failure” and Matteo Renzi replies: “He denies the numbers”. Carlo Calenda also spoke, underlining that he did not agree with the criticisms of the measure.

“We must fight precariousness and find ourselves on one point: everything that the Jobs Act has represented and achieved is a failure” says the president of the M5S, Joseph Contefrom the stage of the CGIL Congress in Rimini with the leaders of the other oppositions, receiving a burst of applause and ‘bravo’ from the audience (a few whistles and mutterings, however, when Carlo Calenda defends the measure).

“It was sold to us as the tool to introduce and pursue more employment, worker stabilization and wage increases but I’m not saying it, Bankitalia says it, it’s a failure, it has only produced more earnings for employers”, adds Conte who then, on the subject of work, he moves on to the minimum wage, “an old battle of the M5S re-presented in every legislature and it seems to me that here, in this seat, there has been an important turning point: a threshold of the legal minimum wage is needed. 21 out of 27 countries in the EU have shown that the threshold does not detract from the strength of collective bargaining” and also speaks of the need to work on reducing working hours.

“I could not govern” with the Pd, M5S and the Left “because I don’t share the foreign policy line”, he says Charles Calenda at the CGIL congress citing support for Ukraine. The audience in Rimini rumbles, someone whistles. And Calenda from the stage: “Do you want the story ‘all you need is love’ or how are things?”. The leader of Azione adds that he does not agree with the criticisms of the Jobs Act: “It is not true that the Jobs Act has not created jobs. And then I am absolutely not convinced of the environmental policies of the M5S and Pd”.

The replica of Matthew Renzi arrives on Twitter: “The Jobs Act has created more than a million jobs, half with permanent contracts. These are official Istat data. Giuseppe Conte denies the numbers: either he has not read them or – more likely – he has not understood them #FakeNews”.