Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, rumors of divorce after four years of marriage

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, married for four years, are parents of two girls. Nothing would have suggested a crisis between them, but tmz extension is of another opinion. According to the popular gossip site, the actress and the singer of the Jonas Brothers are ready to say goodbye.

Signs of Divorce

It all started with the publication of a photo, which portrays Joe Jonas walking around New York with a coffee in his hands. To attract attention, theabsence of faith on his ring finger. That was enough to set off the alarm bells. In truth, some other photos (after the paparazzi) show the faith: the last one he posted himself, and portrays him with his brothers on Labor Day. It therefore seems that Joe puts the ring on and if you want to remove it. The insiders of tmz extensionHowever, they are certain: the marriage between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner is falling apart, and the singer has already started moving with his lawyers. The serious problems would have started about six months ago and Joe, now for three years, would take care of the girls practically all the time (he would even take them on tour).

Appearances are deceiving (maybe)

On the surface, however, it appears that there is no problem. Joe and Sophie continue to attend events together. They have sold their Miami mansion, it’s true, but only last week the actress posted some images that portrayed her in New York, at the Jonas Brothers concert. The two met in 2016 and got engaged the following year. In 2019 they got married, and had two daughters in the following years (the first in 2020, the second in 2022). To see them, they seemed (and seem) very united. It’s hard to imagine them busy talking to each other through lawyers. Yet second tmz extensionthis would be the truth.