Joe Violanti, historic voice of Italian radio, died at 63

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The DJ has turned off Joe Violanti, voice of numerous Italian radios. He has kept millions of people company throughout his career and only recently found out he was ill. He didn’t have time to react and in just a month the situation worsened leading to his death at just 63 years old. Stephen Violantithis is his real name, was one of the most popular radio hosts ever, capable of making the audience passionate about his stories and capturing their attention simply by using his voice, a rare and fundamental skill to become an entertainer on the radio.

Charlie Gnocchi’s announcement

It was the announcement of Joe Violanti’s death Charlie Gnocchi, colleague of many radio broadcasts. Through his social profiles, the radio host posted an image together with Joe Violanti and wrote: “Joe Violanti was like my brother. He was the best on the radio. He was a good person. He will always be with me.” Joe Violanti had one behind him very long career in the radio world and had lent his voice to major broadcasters such as RTL 102.5, RDS, Radio Kiss Kiss and Radio 105. He also had a work experience in public radio, hosting a program on Rai Radio2. Her job was highly appreciated by the publicas demonstrated by the numerous certificates of esteem that are arriving on social networks in these hours.

Who was Joe Violanti

Born in Fidenza in 1969, he had just turned 63. His debut in the world of music dates back to 1975, when he began working as a DJ in some local discos and radios in the province of Parma. In the 1980s he graduated in economics and commerce and began working as a freelancer, soon realizing that his path was not his. In 1991, together with his friend Charlie Gnocchi, he formed the comedy duo of Charlie & Joe and they worked together for over 13 years, until 2004, pursuing their radio career together. But Joe Violanti also had a television parenthesis at the beginning of the nineties, when he had his own space on the program Uno Mattina Estate. His performances in There’s Something About RDS are particularly well known and his work has often been recognized with important prizes, such as the Grolla d’oro.