John Travolta, the Qua Qua Ball and the shoes: what Amadeus and Rai say

During the press conference for the third evening, the clarification from Rai and the artistic director, who blurted out: “Why are we talking about bullshit…”

“I don’t even know the name of the shoe company that John Travolta wore. I knew absolutely nothing.” Amadeus rejects senders’ suspicions and criticisms regarding John Travolta’s participation in the second evening of Sanremo 2024. “Nothing is happening, everything is fine, where can we find an asshole… to make controversy? Why don’t we talk about Allevi, about what the actors of Mare Fuori did…?”, blurts out the host and artistic director in a press conference to those who continue to ask for clarification on the matter.

Amadeus says that it was Travolta himself who proposed himself for the festival: “It was Travolta who contacted me to tell me that he was nearby due to other commitments and that he would be happy to do something with us”.

The shoe case, the qua-qua dance: what Amadeus and Rai say

On the fact that during the exchange with the US actor, Amadeus pronounced the phrase “don’t worry, be happy”, which is one of the company’s slogans, Amadeus assures: “Don’t worry, be happy, the I was taken by the song. I didn’t have the faintest idea. They don’t write me scripts word for word.”

The fact that the actor danced was also foreseen in the contract: “Yes”, confirms the deputy director of Prime Time Entertainment, Federica Lentini. Just as it was already foreseen in the contract that Rai could only use the images live and not for clips on the network or other uses: “Nothing was decided yesterday after Travolta’s performance, everything was foreseen in the contract”.

However, where nothing was written about Travolta’s shoes: “There is no commercial agreement with the company for which Travolta is the testimonial. The actor came for an expense reimbursement”, intervenes Prime Time’s entertainment director, Marcello Ciannamea. On the fact that the brand of the shoes was not obscured, Lentini responds again: “Travolta arrived at the last minute, he came in immediately and frankly no one noticed what kind of shoes he had. This thing just escaped the notice of those who were there. Nobody thought to put the tape on the shoes, it was a carelessness, a mistake of whoever was there, of the studio assistant.”

The criticism, Amadeus’ reaction

On the criticism of the performance in which Travolta was involved, Amadeus does not agree: “I had a lot of fun but this is a personal thought. It has become a big meme. Travolta was warned of everything. Everything that happened on stage I he knew, no surprise, no trap. Maybe he knew that the hat was yellow instead of orange. But he knew everything. Fiorello is the greatest showman we have and it’s part of the comedy to make some great character do things that you imagine they would never do. Let’s remember that Travolta went to Fiorello years ago to play the dolphin on the floor.”