John Wick 4, Keanu Reeves gives stuntmen t-shirts with the number of their deaths

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The New York Times has revealed that Keanu Reeves gave the stuntmen of John Wick 4 from the t-shirt with the print of number of deaths acted out during the making of the film and, for some cast members, the figure exceeded 20 deaths. In fact, each stuntman shot more scenes, and the peak was reached with the repeated deaths, at least 4 or 5 each, of 35 acrobats in the fight on the stairs. In the scene, which required 7 shooting sessions, the protagonist fights against his rivals on the 222 steps leading to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. As reported by People already in 2021, Reeves had paid homage to the team of his four stuntmen for the first time in John Wick 4 with custom Rolex Submariner watches in thanks for their hard work. According to the magazine Jeremy Marinas, coordinator of the fight on the stairs, had called the gift “the best gift ever”.


“We all know how difficult it is to climb stairs when we don’t want to,” Marinas said of the scene on the staircase. “Just think how well Keanu – not John Wick – Keanu was able to shoot upwards as he made the steps. It’s hard enough to be a sniper on flat ground.” Director Chad Stahelski added that Reeves performed each stunt as John Wick walked up the stairs. For the 44-second fall, however, a stunt double was needed. “That look that John Wick gives when he looks at his watch and actually looks up the stairs, I think it’s maybe 50 percent John Wick and 50 percent Keanu Reeves saying, ‘Ugh, Stahelski screwed me over. new”. You have to suffer. That’s what’s funny about John Wick. He suffers and goes on ”.