Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: All-Star Battle R, a new playable character

Yuya Fungami is the new addition to the roster of fighters in the Bandai Namco game based on the manga

Bandai Namco has launched a new character for the fighting game’s roster of fighters taken from Hirohiko Araki’s manga: Yuya Fungami, one of Josuke’s opponents in Diamond is Unbreakable, is the second character from Season Pass 2 to join the roster of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures : All-Star Battle R. He uses his Highway Go Go stand which can split and attack at high speed while chasing his opponents. The stand can also suck the life force from the victim. Yuya Fungami is available now, as part of Season Pass 2 or as an individual purchase. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: All-Star Battle R is the remake of a game originally released on PS3 in 2013, and immerses players in a video game adaptation of the popular anime and manga series, faithful to the artistic style of author Hirohiko Araki, carefully recreating the character expressions, cinematic sequences of the “Stand” special moves and battles. There are over 50 characters from all the manga series, including those that have not yet been translated into animation on Netflix, where the Stone Ocean series was released earlier this year.