Jon Voight against his daughter Angelina Jolie: “She didn’t understand anything about Israel and Hamas”

“He didn’t understand anything about Israel and Hamas.” This, in short, is the accusation that Jon Voight launched against his daughter Angelina Jolie. Through a video published on Instagram, the 84-year-old actor criticized the Hollywood star’s choice to condemn Israel’s response to the Hamas terrorist attacks of last October 7, which caused the death of many civilians (ISRAEL-HAMAS WAR: THE UPDATES, THE SPECIAL).

Jon Voight’s video against his daughter Angelina Jolie

“I am very disappointed that my daughter, like so many others, has no understanding of the honor of God, of the truths of God,” Voight said, speaking into the camera with the U.S. flag in the background. “disappointed”, in particular, by the fact that his daughter does not understand, in his opinion, Hamas’s objective of “annihilating the land of the Jews”. “The Israeli army must protect its land, its people. This is war. It won’t be what the left thinks, the situation cannot be civil now”, he added. A very harsh position and a very clear vision on Israel’s reasons that the actor argued for over three minutes of video. In the end he asked the actress daughter, former UN special envoy for refugees, to reevaluate her opinion on Israel’s role in the war: “Hamas and the deception that is its government are destroying their own people”, she said, instead extolling the “great heroism” of the Jewish people, in the face of the many tragedies throughout history, from the Holocaust to the recent “Hamas Holocaust”.