Joni Mitchell to Elton John: “My new album is coming”

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Speaking to Elton John on his Rocket Hour radio show on Apple Music, in a rare wide-ranging interview, the artist, just turned 79, confirmed that she and her team are looking to release an album of the show, a performance. in collaboration with the American singer Brandi Carlile which saw the participation of guests such as Blake Mills, Marcus Mumford, Wynonna Judd and others.

It was Mitchell’s first full performance in over 20 years and the iconic folk artist sang from a throne on stage; at one point during Just Like This Train, she got up to play a guitar solo. “I couldn’t sing the key, I became an alto, I’m no longer a soprano,” Mitchell told Elton John. “I thought people would feel relieved if I just played the guitar part … It was very well received, much to my delight.”

In recent years Mitchell has struggled with health problems, after being struck by an aneurysm in March 2015. In the following years she made rare public appearances: she attended a Chick Corea concert and participated in Joni 75, a concert 2018 birthday tribute in Los Angeles. Last year she spoke of her illness in a rare public speech at the Kennedy Center, saying, “I’m limping, but I’m fine.” This June Mitchell will hold his first star gig in 23 years at Washington’s Gorge Amphitheater as part of a two-night event entitled Echoes Through the Canyon – the second “Joni Jam” since the Newport Folk festival.