Jooice, the platform for the digital transformation of SMEs

The new application launched by Webidoo (here the review of the Webidoo Store in Milan) aims to further simplify the digital transformation processes of SMEs. It’s called Jooice and is the result of research carried out in the United States, in collaboration with the Lehigh University of Pennsylvania. The platform, protected by a double patent, integrates various functions, such as advertising and selling its products online.

Fast, integrated and smart: here is Jooice

Jooice’s goal is to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with digital marketing tools, selecting the most suitable ones based on the objectives of each entrepreneur. The artificial intelligence integrated into the platform guides users step by step, monitoring the online performance of SMEs. Jooice also integrates the main social platforms so that you can fully enjoy the online digital experience, interacting directly with your customers.

A platform in continuous development

Jooice is a platform in continuous development and updating which aims to consolidate itself not only on the European market but also on the US one. “Jooice is the first platform in the world that combines all the digital tools that a small and medium-sized business needs today in one place”, explains Giovanni Farese, general manager of Webidoo spa. And he adds: “We have found valid partners, both in Italy and in the USA, who believe in us and now we can finally launch our proprietary technology”.

How to find Jooice

Jooice is available as an application or as a web platform in a free basic version. To then have access to other more advanced features, you can subscribe to a monthly subscription. Thus, entrepreneurs will be able to personalize their user experience even more.