Jorge Valdivia clarifies rumors about romantic messages to Daniela Aránguiz

Former player of the Chilean soccer team, Jorge Valdiviahas come out in front of the accusations of his still wife legally, Daniela Aranguizwho claimed that she received romantic messages from him. The magicianas the sports commentator is known, used his Instagram account to deny this statement and ask for peace.

According to Aránguiz, in the program “Zona de Estrellas” of which he is a panelist, Jorge Valdivia would have sent him romantic messages and gave the driver his cell phone so that he could read the writings. In these messages, the ex-soccer player allegedly dedicated honeyed and romantic words to his still legal wife.

However, Jorge Valdivia himself denied the accusations on his Instagram account: “Just to clarify: I did not send any message to Daniela. We are all tired and exhausted with all the news that is generated daily about my separation. There are more important things and a lot of life ahead”accurate.

The Magician also regretted the situation of having to deny the accusations and asked for peace: “I wish that those who calmly invent about my relationships could verify them. I ask for peace nothing more, it is too much, it is time to stop lying please and I repeat: I do not I sent no message to Daniela,” he said.

Valdivia has been the subject of constant rumors and speculation since he announced his separation from Daniela Aránguiz in January of this year. However, on this occasion, he has come out to deny these accusations and ask for respect for her privacy and that of his ex-wife.