Jorge Valdivia’s desperate request to Daniela Aránguiz, after leaking intimate conversations

In the midst of a media storm, the ex-soccer player Jorge “The Magician” Valdivia He has launched a powerful statement on his social networks, making it clear that he prefers to be alone in order to stop the persecution of his ex-partner, Daniela Aránguiz. This statement comes after a series of stories posted by Aránguiz on social networks, in which she shared screenshots of intimate conversations between them and with deputy Maite Orsini, who is rumored to be Valdivia’s current partner.

Jorge Valdivia and Daniela Aranguiz. Source: Instagram @jorgitovaldivia

The Instagram story published by Valdivia, although it was deleted shortly after, conveyed a direct and forceful message. In her words, she assured that aranguiz it is “scorned and past”. She expressed her frustration at the constant bullying she has faced and highlighted the fact that she has to take to social media to ask him for peace.

“You have not left me alone all this time and you are walking through television programs as if you were a woman who wants to turn the page. People have to know that you made my life impossible,” Valdivia wrote. In addition, she emphasized that she resigns herself to being alone for the rest of her life in order to avoid the constant attacks of aranguiz.

The deleted story of Jorge Valdivia. Source: Instagram @jorgevaldivia.

Valdivia He implored his ex-partner to understand that it is time to move on and asked him not to meddle in his life anymore. She expressed her frustration at seeing that, despite having led a single life for all these months, Aránguiz now decides to look for him and cause him problems.

The former soccer player accused aranguiz to take it out on him and make life miserable for anyone next to him, since he has no intention of resuming the relationship. With a resigned tone, he reiterated on several occasions that he will be alone for the rest of his life and asked him to stop insulting others.

The story of Valdivia It reflects the desperation of a person who has decided to end a toxic relationship and seeks to get away from conflicts. In a last attempt to find peace, Jorge Valdivia has made it clear that he prefers to be alone rather than submit to the constant attacks and accusations of his ex-partner.