José Antonio Neme defends Tonka and attacks Parived: "asshole of the week"

Jose Antonio Nememorning conductor Nice to meet yoreferred this Wednesday to the recent raid on the house of Tonka Tomicic and her husband marco antonio lopezalso know as Parivedwithin the framework of the investigation of the “Case of stolen vip watches”.

In his contact with the morning from La Serena, Neme did not hold back and lashed out at the antique dealer, who currently has an arrest warrant. According to Neme, there are two alternatives to explain Parived’s situation: “either Mr. Parived is very clumsy, very clumsy, or he is very stupid.”

The driver explained that the checks delivered by Parived to the stolen luxury goods distribution chain are proof of his involvement in this illicit business exercise, calling his action “crass.” Furthermore, he claimed that if Parived knew that he was doing something illegal, he could not have left so many traces.

Neme also questioned Parived’s involvement in a criminal network, wondering how someone could have been involved in trafficking stolen items and used checks from his wife, who is a well-known entertainer in the country. Finally, Neme concluded that “either here the gentleman is very clumsy and very goofy, or there is something else here.”