Joséphine Baker, Paris dedicates the metro stop to her

On November 30, he will make his entry into the Panthéon, one of the greats of history

The Parisian metro stop Gaîté, a station on line 13 in the 14th arrondissement, not far from the Montparnasse district, will be named after Joséphine Baker. Interviewed by France 24, Brian Bouillon Baker, one of the 12 children adopted by the star of the American-born musical, who will make his entrance in the Panthéon in Paris on November 30th, one of the greats of history, commented: “Gaité seems to me to be the ideal station. It suits my mother perfectly, her way of being, her joy, her ‘gaiety’. She was a happy and hilarious woman. ”

And the author of ‘Joséphine Baker. L’universelle ‘(édition du Rocher), then added: “My mother had arrived in Paris with an American magazine. When the company left, she remained in love with the Ville Lumière, like all of France, in love with her charlston, of his personality, of his energy. He has fought, over the years, for civil rights, in the Resistance, against racism and anti-Semitism. A love story – he concluded – that lasted almost a century and today with the entrance to the Pantheon will become immortal “.