Journalist changes gender: announces live on TV that she will wear women’s clothes

He announced his transition path at the most unexpected moment: journalist changes sex and communicates his decision during the news.

In recent years there are more and more cases of people who decide to openly reveal their sexual identity and also undertake a medical path that leads them to change sex permanently. It happens in any social class and in any professional category.

Journalist sensational announcement (Credits: Pixabay)

Even today, in some parts of the world it is not a decision that has no effect on the family or work sphere. Many still today those who are unable to be accepted by the closest people or in general by the environment that surrounds them in this new phase of their life.

Precisely in order to stir the conscience on such an important and increasingly topical topic, a journalist has decided to announce her choice to wear women’s clothes on live TV. She did it just as she asked to change her name legally as well.

He changes gender and announces it on TV: the journalist talks about her decision

Protagonist of the sensational news is Nora JS ReichardtAmerican journalist of the State ofIowa, where egalitarian marriage was introduced in 2009 by a state Supreme Court ruling. In many other states, however, this institution was only recognized in 2015.

Reichardt began her transition journey in 2021 and, since July of last year, has been signing her services for Local 5 news WOI-TV under her female name. She for a long time she would not have thought of disclosing it publicly on television, but after about a year she decided to do it her own during the broadcast of the news. Not only that: the announcement took place on the same day in which he officially submitted a request to change his name, as shown by the service in question.

“I was a person in whom I could not recognize myself – explained the bust – I could not see myself in pants and buttoned shirts. The reporter says that after a period of airing, she started wondering: “Why don’t I like the person I see every time I go on video? Why don’t I connect with that person? ”.

Journalist changes sex
Unexpected news reporter (Credits: Instagram)

A story that should make everyone think: what do you think?