Journalists of the NoBavaglio Network in the square at the peace demonstration with banner and images of Assange and Ovsyannkova

We call for the release of Assange and the reporters in prison for recounting the horrors of war

Among the numerous colored banners and flags for peace in today’s demonstration, there is one with the symbolic images of two journalists who opposed the censorships imposed by the laws and war propaganda. They are Julian Assange, in prison in London, and Marina Ovsyannikova, the Russian journalist of state TV who fled with her daughter from the country, where she was under house arrest, after taking sides against the war on live TV.

“Rete NoBavaglio – explains Marino Bisso, one of the organizers of the association – takes sides in the square alongside all the associations for peace, freedom of the press and to ask for the freedom of Julian Assange and the journalists in prison for trying to tell the horrors of wars and dictatorships “.

The Association joined the Europe for peace demonstration “Cease the fire immediately, negotiate for Peace!” today together with Article 21, with Beppe Giulietti, president of the Fnsi, and Giulia Giornaliste with the president Silvia Garambois.