Journey around the Sun, the new single by Tommaso Paradiso is the song of spring

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Tommaso Paradiso’s new song is out, the single Journey around the sun (which you can listen to in the video at the bottom of this article).

The song was previewed yesterday during the RTL 102.5 program The Flight with Matteo Campese and Paola Di Benedetto. In addition to presenting Journey around the Sunthe singer also announced his next tour in the arenas, which will start next November.
The new single is available from today, Friday 24th March. Written by Tommaso Paradiso and Matteo Cantaluppi and produced by Matteo Cantaluppi himself, it is an electro-pop song with nostalgic sounds, those that are now the stylistic hallmark of the singer-songwriter.
Journey around the Sun it’s a fresh, spring-like song,” Tommaso Paradiso explained to RTL 102.5 yesterday. “Songs are always dedicated to someone, even simply to the people you love. This song – and the record to come – was born out of a feeling of rebirth. Last summer I went back on tour, I was among people and we hugged again. As compared to Space Cowboys, which is a record born in a pandemic, the next one will be the record of pure energy and good grip”, added Paradiso.

Tommaso Paradiso will be a guest of Sky TG24’s Live In in Naples. Live In is the event that brings Sky TG24 out of its television studios into Italian squares and cities. A journey that started from Courmayeur in December 2020 and which, after also touching the cities of Bari, Venice, Florence and Bergamo, arrives in Naples on March 31st and April 1st with two days of live broadcasts, guests, interviews and debates.

You can watch the official video clip of Tommaso Paradiso’s new single, Journey around the Sunin the video that you find at the bottom of this article.

Paradiso: “Songs are born when I’m overwhelmed by an emotion”

During the hosted a The Flight by Matteo Campese and Paola Di Benedetto, Tommaso Paradiso offered the listeners of RTL 102.5 a guitar and voice performance by Do not be afraid And Bitch happiness.

“Songs are born when I’m overwhelmed by an emotion that I can’t contain inside my body, at which point I write the words, which are born by themselves,” explained the artist.
During the same interview, he told among other things about the special meeting in Milan with his friend Alessandro Borghi and other colleagues, a reunion whose video went viral on social networks. “I live in Rome but when I’m in Milan for work I always stay in the same hotel. It seems like a meme story but yesterday, incredibly, there was me, Alessandro Borghi, Emma, ​​Marracash, Lazza, Salmo and Valentino Rossi also arrived at the end , magically we were all there but without agreeing. I went to bed before everyone else because I’m on promo and I know how these evenings end, it’s the maturity of forty years, a few years ago I would never have retired to my room “.

The tour which will start in November

In 2023 Tommaso Paradiso will return to perform live, protagonist of the tour in the major Italian arenas entitled “Tommy 2023”. The tour will start next November and will be the perfect opportunity to listen live to all the hits that have made Tommaso Paradiso one of the most loved Italian singer-songwriters of today, both by critics and by the public.
“I can’t wait to take my pieces on tour. I already have the lineup in mind, there will be songs from the new album and the classics from my repertoire”, Tommaso Paradiso told RTL 102.5. “My audience has grown with me, it hasn’t changed over the years. I still see faces that follow me from the beginning. I’m glad I got to know the people who love my music, at my concerts I also see many children singing my songs , it’s beautiful,” continued the artist.

Below you will find the official video clip of Journey around the Sun by Tommaso Paradiso.