Jova Beach Party 2022, it starts from Lignano Sabbiadoro. Jovanotti: “Come and have fun”

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The biggest party of the summer finally takes shape! With more than 60 thousand people it starts from Lignano Sabbiadoro the JOVA BEACH PARTY with the first two Beach Parties produced by Trident Music. A unique format in the world, an unprecedented idea, an overwhelming experience for all artists and for all the public.

today we begin, the words of lorenzo jovanotti

“TODAY WE BEGIN! in many moments of recent times it seemed an impossible undertaking and yet we are here, we are here, we have everything ready and at 14:00 the new JOVA BEACH PARTY starts. Tonight it goes on until midnight. The largest mobile party ever held in Italy and unique in the world for what it brings to the stage. The important thing is not the size, however, it is the energy, the experience of sharing and connection with the elements, all born around the desire for a great leap forward towards something new and ancestral at the same time. After all, rock’n’roll is just that and that’s why we like it so much: dancing on the border between the deepest human nature and the discovery of what has not yet a name. Come and have fun !!! Throw yourself into this cool, we are waiting for you! “.

Lorenzo’s sailing ship and the total embrace with his people, begins his journey e it will be in 9 popular Italian beaches, 1 mountain meadow, 1 racecourse and 1 airport. JOVA’s Woodstock is a big party, a real temporary city, a village of fun animated by the desire to dance, to be together, to hug. It is the most innovative happening, a unique and all-encompassing experience that begins when the doors open around 2:00 pm and ends before midnight, after a great marathon of music and dance full of fun.

a total party

The idea is simple: PARTY“- he has declared Lorenzo – “Celebrating by dancing and singing while gathering by the sea is something that human beings have always done. In 1982 (July 4, 2022 will be exactly 40 years) I did my first night as a DJ in a nightclub in Cortona and I had the precise and indefinable feeling that this was my place. I admit, it’s a pain in the ass to find a dazzling passion at 15. In these 40 years the console has always remained the basic platform for everything that has happened to me in the world of music and entertainment. The further I moved away from the console, the more the elastic stretched and recalled me to the music that is danced, to an open idea of ​​music that starts from a beat. I often talked about it with my musician friends: I would like to try to create a new ‘format’ of live event. In 2019, after some experiments in improvised situations, JOVA BEACH PARTY was born which is my idea of ​​a total party, where live music, the console, nature, technology, the meeting of worlds, pop culture, artists, good food etc. etc. are the elements of a new thing, unique in the world and as old as the world: THE PARTY. “

every evening is different and every party unique

JOVA BEACH is Jovanotti’s dream come true. Every day a different line up of guests, a different set of Lorenzo. No lineup. An amazing artistic experience, physical, wild, sensory, entertainment guaranteed by the very first DJ, the first DJ performer of all time. “I love the beginnings, everyone has their own vices” sings Lorenzo in La Primavera and the beginning of his set lasts all day.

JOVA BEACH PARTY is LORENZO in the console, it’s LORENZO with his BAND.

An exceptional band with Saturnino, at his side for 35 years, Riccardo Onori, Christian “Noochie” Rigano, Gianluca Petrella, Franco Santarnecchi, Leo di Angilla, Davide Rossi and Kalifa Kone. JOVA BEACH PARTY is also LORENZO with several national and international GUESTS, coming this year from over 30 countries in the world and from the most disparate musical planets. “The main stage of Jova Beach Party is a sailing ship that has gone through storms, calm and unexplored seas, has made a load of love and now lands on Italian beaches, and it’s a great party. At night the sailing ship turns into a spaceship and … we fly! “

In the set of JOVANOTTI also an exclusive visual installation starring Gianmarco Tamberi. And, for the dates in Lignano Sabbiadoro, a few minutes from Lorenzo’s show, Pierpaolo Foti – artist, musician, violinist, composer loved all over the world and with sensational characteristics – will play in a special setting on the Kontiki Stage, in the center of the beach , with his string quartet, an iconic version of Vivaldi’s La Primavera. JBP is a mega beach party with a crazy DJ and amazing new sound and visual hardware. The “show” is not written but it is live. No rehearsal, no lineup, nothing prepared, except the great shared desire to be together and make music. The show, which is spread over three stages, is alive, wild, fun, exciting, innovative, modern, compelling, tribal, ancestral, playful, intense. “There won’t be a fixed lineup, every day will be different” – says Lorenzo – “Let’s get on stage immediately, attach the instruments, turn on the console, let’s go. We never stop, until midnight. By the sea, with a large stage and two off stages (#jovastage #kontikistage #sbamstage), always different music will be born and always to dance, to celebrate the fact of being there, together, live like waves “.

the presentation of the Disc of the Sun

It is at the JOVA BEACH PARTY 2022 that Jovanotti will finally present live to the public the first episodes of DISCO DEL SOLE, an unidentified flying object, a streaming, a philosophy, but above all the free flow of the songs written by LORENZO two and a half years away from La Nuova Era, which are slowly composing the physical and complete album to be released soon. After the first new songs, including IL BOOM, LA PRIMAVERA and I LOVE YOU BABY, Platinum still at the top of the radio and streaming charts, arrived on June 21 for the solstice of the hottest season SENSITIVE TO SUMMER, pop manifesto of the debut on the beaches. The new chapter OASI, already available in pre save (Capitol Records Italy), will be released on 8 July to coincide with the first of the two dates in Marina di Ravenna. We can bet that some new unreleased song will already be on the Lignano Sabbiadoro set. This is the tracklist: Sensitive to summer, And it makes itself beautiful for you, Oasis, Traveling, Yalla Yalla.