Jova Beach Party, all you need to know about Jovanotti’s concert in Viareggio

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After the stage in Campania, on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 September the Jova Beach Party comes to Viareggio, in Tuscany, where tens of thousands of people are expected to go wild with Jovanotti and his guests. It was a successful summer for the Tuscan singer-songwriter, who sold out every stop on his tour. The event area occupies a large portion of the coast, therefore changes to the circulation and alternative solutions have been envisaged to reach the place in charge of Jova Beach Party of Viareggio.

Location and how to get there

For the Jova Beach Party of Viareggio was chosen Muraglione beach on the Viareggio dock. It is one of the most famous and popular locations in the town of Versilia, therefore it was necessary to regulate and organize any aspect to perfection. Entry is also pre-established, i.e. no earlier than 2pm when the gates are opened. The entrances are provided from viale Europa, on the sides of the Green Cross, and from the sailors of Italy pier, which however is reserved exclusively for people with disabilities. Special races have been established, with the use of free shuttles from the railways, both to and from Florence and La Spezia, and to the south for Arezzo and Siena. Those arriving by car must leave it in one of the 4 open spaces, from which the free buses leave.

The guests and the lineup

To the Jova Beach Party of Viareggio there will be performances by Motta And Gianluca Petrella, even if there are numerous, as on other occasions, the guests who will take the stage and who have not been announced to guarantee the surprise effect. The lineup of the previous dates was structured as follows:

  1. A tribe that dances
  2. I love you baby
  3. Sensitive to summer
  4. Long live the freedom
  5. You’re a myth
  6. They killed Spider-Man
  7. Years
  8. Summer on me
  9. Saturday
  10. The sun rises in the evening
  11. Music
  12. The boom
  13. New era
  14. Safari
  15. Open all doors
  16. The Cheer
  17. Get your mom to send you
  18. There was a guy like me who loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones
  19. Magic girl
  20. kiss Me again
  21. Flavor of salt
  22. The pockets full of rocks
  23. Evolutive tension
  24. Think positive
  25. Play Video
  26. A ray of sunshine
  27. Megamix
  28. I’m not bored
  29. The navel of the world
  30. (A lot) ³
  31. The immortals
  32. Summer
  33. The greatest show after the big bang
  34. I bring you with me
  35. Lucky guy
  36. To you