Jovanotti, eight-hour surgery 6 months after the bike accident: the post on Instagram

Six months after the bicycle accident in Santo Domingo, which cost him a fracture of the femur and collarbone, Jovanotti returned to hospital to undergo a new operation, which lasted eight hours. He himself tells it with a post on his Instagram profile: the femur had to be rebuilt because “it was not aligned correctly and despite all the physiotherapy the biomechanical problem that had been created did not allow me to walk without crutches and there was no more room for improvement without surgical intervention”. Then a message to the fans – “From today, one step at a time, I’ll get back on my feet and then to you” – and news that will make them happy. Between the physiotherapy and training that await him, he promises, “in the meantime I’ll write songs”.

The operation at Humanitas in Rozzano

Jovanotti thanks “Prof Guido Grappiolo” and his entire team at Humanitas in Rozzano (Milan), where he underwent the new operation, and where – he explains – he will remain “for the days it will take”. Assuring his followers that he will return with more precise information, he shows himself to be in good spirit: “It’s a good day for me and to all of you who in recent months have asked me for news and communicated your affection, THANK YOU!”.

Complications after the first surgery

It was July 16, 2023 when Jovanotti fell from his bike during his summer holidays. Last September he explained that he was left with “one leg shorter than the other” after the first emergency operation carried out in the Dominican Republic. The doctors who treated him, he had already specified, “forgot to realign the femur”. In November he then announced that he would soon be able to walk again without crutches. However, the forecasts, as explained in today’s post, were too optimistic.