Jovanotti: “I still can’t walk without crutches, what a mess I’ve made!”

The artist updates fans on social media: “I don’t know how long it will take to get back on my feet. Maybe six months. Soon I’ll have to have surgery on my collarbone again”

“I am four months since the bang. I still can’t walk without crutches but I’m against starting in December. Now I’m starting to put my foot down. The muscles hurt but let’s proceed.” He begins like this Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti, in a video on Facebook in which he updates fans on his health conditions after the bicycle accident in the Caribbean on July 15th which caused several fractures between his shoulder and femur. “I don’t know how long it will take to get back on my feet. Maybe six months. I don’t know. Nobody knows, not even the orthopedists. They make predictions but then I deny them. Soon I will have to have another operation to remove the plate on my collarbone because it’s tearing me apart. I laugh so I don’t cry,” says the artist.

“I wanted to make a short bulletin – he began – because many of you write to me and ask me how it’s going. That’s fine. It takes time and patience but it’s fine, it’s very good. As soon as I get better we’ll see each other and celebrate. In the meantime I’ll take notes, I’ll write , I read a lot. I’m reading a lot of good books, then I do physiotherapy twice a day and then I think about when we’ll see each other again.”

“Inside me – he continues – there is an ongoing gestation of something important. I’m taking the time it takes, because things have to take shape and then when the time comes we’ll bring them out”.

Then he confesses laughing: “What a mess I made. I made a big mess. Who expected it? But you never expect accidents,” she adds, underlining: “I also feel the responsibility of the musicians, of my team, who I had called together to play throughout 2024 (a tour in the sports halls was planned at the beginning of the new year and the return of the Jova Beach Party in July and August, ed.). And so I said: ‘Guys, I’m sorry, but what should we do?’ An accident is an accident. Thank goodness they are good musicians and so they will find something to do. At this moment I leave everything open, I don’t make any decisions.”

Then he explains how he is spending this ‘suspended’ time of convalescence: “I’m listening to a lot of music, I’ve even started listening to jazz again. Especially electric jazz. I started listening to music again, especially music that doesn’t have the form of a traditional song. Cosmic music that opens spaces for me. If I listen to songs, then I start writing songs. Instead I want to be without gravity, since gravity is my problem right now. There are three ways to avoid it: going into space, which is not planned for now, staying in water, which makes me feel good, and listening to music”, he says. Before leaving with an invitation to fans: “Listen to music, read , stay in the light and let’s love each other.”