Jovanotti in concert: two exclusive dates in Rome and Milan

Period full of news for Jovanotti. After the announcement of the second edition of the Jova Beach Party and the arrival of the single “Il Boom”, the singer-songwriter has chosen not to release a real album but to release more songs throughout the year. A sort of approach to concerts on the beaches, a long-awaited return by fans after the great success of 2019. With “La Primavera”, Jovanotti offers a new single and at the same time offers four other songs: “I love you baby “,” A love like ours “,” Between me and you “and” Border jam “. In the midst of so much music, even the announcement of two exclusive concerts in Rome and Milan, live that will be able to attend only 4000 lucky fans.

How to participate in Jovanotti’s two concerts

The 2 live specials are part of the initiative RI-PARTY-LOVE. Concerts will be held November 12 at the Atlantic in Rome and November 14 at Alcatraz in Milan. The initiative is promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo and WWF Italia together with Jova Beach Party. The goal is to involve as many people as possible to clean and recover 20 million square meters of beaches, rivers, lakes and sea beds. Only 4 thousand lucky fans they will be able to participate in the two stages that Jovanotti will hold to support the project and donations. The public will be chosen from among those who actively participated in the achievement of the € 5 million goal. The donation campaign is active on For Funding, Intesa Sanpaolo’s crowdfunding platform. RI-PARTY-AMO has three lines of intervention that aim to raise awareness and mobilize young people, schools, families, companies and entire communities.

  • for a whole year, starting from the end of the Jova Beach Party, it will be possible to participate in Cleaning Days around Italy
  • infrastructural works of naturalistic engineering will be carried out
  • meetings and workshops will be organized in 12 Italian universities organized by Intesa Sanpaolo and WWF Italy, to involve young people and students on environmental issues thanks to discussions with experts and volunteers involved in the project. Also planned RI-PARTY-AMO workshops dedicated to elementary and middle schools and at least 10 scholarships for training courses on environmental issues and 3 training internships at WWF Italy to gain experience in the field

Jovanotti at the Sanremo Festival as an author

In addition to the new songs, in 2022 Jovanotti he will also be the protagonist as an author. The artist has in fact returned to collaborate with Gianni Morandi after the single “L’allegria” and worked on the song “Open all doors” which will participate in the next one Festival of Sanremo (the singers and the titles of the songs in the competition). “His enthusiasm, his generosity, his cheerfulness and his friendship, have infected me and convinced me to propose my participation”, wrote Gianni Morandi, “I thank Amadeus who has also chosen our song among the 22 that will be in race. I’m enthusiastic, excited like a rookie “.