Judge Catania, League publishes third Apostolic video on Facebook and insists on resignation

League under pressure: “Scandalous that they haven’t arrived yet”

While the pressure of the League continues, asking for the resignation of the Catania judge Iolanda Apostolico, a third video regarding the judgewhile taking part in the chants (“We are all anti-fascists”) in front of the policemen, is published by the Salvini Premier League on its Facebook page. “’No one will come to ask us how believers we have been, but how credible’. Judge Rosario Livatino (3 October 1952-21 September 1990)”, is the post that accompanies the video.

In the short clip we see the judge of the Court of Catania with her husband taking part in the protest over the failure to disembark migrants on board the Diciotti ship. Superimposed are the words “Catania, couple who work in court support the extreme left in front of the police”.

Subsequently, in a note, the League points the finger at the “deafening silence after the third video of the Catania magistrate in the square against Minister Salvini, amid vulgar accusations against the police, chants and clapping. Solidarity with the women and men of the police forces , It is scandalous that the resignation of the person concerned has not yet arrived. The justice reform is confirmed as urgent and necessary”, underlines the League.

Also speaking is the Undersecretary of Justice, Andrea Ostellari: “This country needs bridges, not walls. Changing a system that doesn’t work and underlining that certain behaviors are inappropriate does not mean attacking the judiciary, but favoring its work and guaranteeing its impartiality. The majority of judges do not recognize themselves in images we have seen in recent days. The reforms we ask for and respect for the rules serve to protect it. The choices of a few do not cast shadows on the precious work of many”.