Julia Fox and Amber Rose had similar experiences while dating Kanye West

It may seem like Julia Fox and Amber Rose operate in completely different social circles, but they do have one thing in common: They both dated Kanye “Ye” West.

Before Kim Kardashian, Rose and Ye dated for two years from 2008 to 2010, and after they broke up, there was no love between them.

“I didn’t absorb anything from him. He and I are two very different people,” Rose shared on the podcast. “No Jumper”and added that Ye “bullied” her incessantly for about a decade after they broke up.

“I don’t know if he says things to make his wife feel more comfortable,” he added, referring to Ye saying he needed “30 showers” just to be with Kardashian because he dated someone like Rose. “But to embarrass me and say you needed 30 showers, it’s like, bro. He took me around the world, since when do you need 30 showers?”

On the other hand, Fox dated Ye almost immediately after he split from Kardashian, but it was never anything serious.

“We were literally together for a minute,” Fox said on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen. “I don’t think he knows my full name or anything.”

Julia Fox and Amber Rose Said Kanye West Is a Love Bomber

Julia Fox and Amber Rose They agree that their common ex, Kanye “Ye” Westis a certified love bomber.

Rose appeared on the podcast “Forbidden Fruits” of foxin which they talked about the elephant in the room, and she admitted that the rapper it gave her some “fairy tale moments”.

Rose recalled the times when Ye made her feel like “Cinderella”, like when he flew her to LA and took her shoppingand when bought him a ticket to his aunt’s funeral and even offered to go.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Rose said. “She was crying in the store.”

Fox agreed that Ye tends to “love bomb” his partners, but when they were together, he confessed that he liked his efforts.

In an interview feature, she shared that Ye prepared a whole shoot for her and bought her a bunch of clothes. “You had a whole hotel suite full of clothes. It was every girl’s dream come true,” she said.

Another thing that they were in a collective agreement? The fact that Ye has always taken his pranks to an extreme level and that You can’t take no for an answer.

“Years of buildup will make a motherfucker look crazy after a while because you’re just fed up,” Rose said, while Fox added that it’s only gotten “more extreme” over the years.

“I feel like he’s always had really high dreams and he’s always pushing the limits as much as he can,” she said. “If you tell the man no, he’ll find a way to get him to do it.”

Kanye West impacted the careers of Amber Rose and Julia Fox in different ways

Even though Amber Rose does not fondly remember his time with Kanye “Ye” Westcan not deny how much his life changedespecially his career.

On the same podcast, she shared that she doesn’t “shy away” from talking about Ye’s impact on her life “because it’s such a big part of my story and how I became famous.”

However, what he did not anticipate was achieve a wild level of fameso she ended up feeling like she was “thrown to the sharks.”

As to Julia Fox, dating Ye brought the excitement back into her life. “It was the best thing that could have happened to me,” she told herself to Entertainment Tonightdescribing the experience as being “like hitting a reset button. It somehow brought a spark to my life that I had forgotten about.”

But, although the brief appointment seemed exciting to him, had adverse effects on your working life. “I definitely noticed a change in the way he acted, not in a good way,” she said on an episode of “High Low with EmRata.”

“Weirdly, I don’t get as many offers as before. There have been a lot of weird snags with reaching that level of notoriety.”