Julia Ituma, the funeral of the volleyball player in Milan

In church the fellow athletes of Igor Novara and the Minister of Sport. The message of Archbishop Delpini

Emotion and tears today at the funeral of Julia Ituma, the young volleyball player who died last Thursday in Istanbul, Turkey, just 18 years old. The funeral was celebrated by the parish priest, Don Ivan Bellini, in the church of San Filippo Neri alla Bovisasca. The companions of Igor Volley Novara were present, those who had played with her in previous teams, as well as many friends, Novara fans and her relatives. Also at the ceremony was the Minister of Sport, Andrea Abodi.

The archbishop of Milan, Monsignor Mario Delpini, sent a message, read at the beginning of the mass, to “express my closeness and my sharing in this moment of agony and bewilderment that family members, friends and and the whole community live for the incomprehensible enigma of Julia’s death. Questions, anxieties, feelings of guilt crowd together with happy memories, memories of exciting undertakings”. “We live together the drama of realizing that life has not kept its promise of happiness and the mysterious, incomprehensible and unpredictable death has crushed the desire to become adults for a desirable life. We do not know what Julia went through. We know that what Jesus wants: that all be saved, that all be loved by God’s invincible love. desire of God to make happy” his words.

“With this certainty let us pray for Julia and celebrate Easter: may it be consolation for the family and those who are pierced by a pain that is too great and too unjust and for all there may be an invitation to keep our gaze fixed on Jesus, who is the persuasive word that invites us to live, to live well, to live to fulfill one’s vocation and never to despair” concludes the archbishop of Milan.