“Junk – Full wardrobes”, the docu-series by Sky and Will Media on the impact of fast fashion

Sustainable fashion has been discussed for many years now, but is something in the world really changing? Try to understand and tell about it Junk – Closets full, the new Will Studio docu-series in co-production with Sky Italia. A journey through six countries that explores the impacts of fast fashion on people and the environment through the stories and images of those who experience them firsthand. The target? Making it clear that the clothes we no longer wear can have a second life and that change is still possible, depends on us too.

Six episodes in six countries

Every installment of Junk – Closets full it is dedicated to a different country and theme. It starts from Chile and Ghana, textile “landfills” in the world, to address the issue of clothing waste. Then Indonesia, where the production of artificial fibers puts biodiversity at risk, and India with its cotton cultivation disrupted by the ever-increasing demand for material. Finally Italy, to show some problems close to us but less visible than others.

The first installment

In 2022 the Atacama Desert was at the center of social media and the press from all over the world: a series of videos showed the Chilean desert flooded with second-hand clothes from western markets. After just a few weeks, however, this story faded into the background. Are those clothes still there? And how did they get there? A year later we went to Chile to try to discover the true story of those clothes.

The docu-series

Co-produced by Will Media and Sky, Junk – Closets full tells the effects of fast fashion, showing stories and images of people and ecosystems that directly suffer the negative impact. Host and co-author is Matteo Ward, entrepreneur, popularizer and activist, who oversaw the research of the scientific contents of the docu-series, written and directed by Olmo Parenti and Matteo Keffer of A Thing By. The docu-series is available from Tuesday 4 April with the first two episodes on the Sky Italia YouTube channel, on demand on Sky and on NOW. Starting from Saturday 8 April, the docu-series will also be shown on Sky TG24.