Justice, Conte at AdnKronos: “From Crosetto a very serious attack on the judiciary”

The words of the president of the M5S: “The minister should immediately go to the prosecutor’s office to report the facts of which he is aware and then also come to Parliament”

“The attack made by Minister Crosetto on the judiciary is a very serious attack. He even attributed subversive purposes to the judiciary. A serious and responsible minister of the Republic cannot afford to launch these attacks on another state power. He must go to immediate action try to report the facts of which you are aware and then also come to Parliament, because the issue is so serious and must also be clarified in Parliament”. The president of the M5S Giuseppe Conte says this as he arrives at the Palazzo dell’Informazione for the AdnKronos Forum.

Protected market

Regarding the stop to the extension for the end of the protected electricity and gas market. according to Conte “bringing 12 million families to the free market risks worsening the economic difficulties of these families, who are already experiencing the problem of inflation, high mortgages, now we could also add high energy costs, and it is a decision that in this moment must absolutely be avoided.”