Justice, Nordio: “Collaboration between the minister and the CSM is central”

The Minister of Justice spoke at the extraordinary plenum at the Palazzo dei Marescialli also in front of the Head of State Sergio Mattarella. Freedom and independence of magistrates, said Nordio, “are a great achievement that will be reaffirmed by reforms, but true independence is within us”

Collaboration between the Government and the CSM and full trust in the judiciary. These are the themes at the center of the speech by the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio at the extraordinary plenum. “In my opinion – began the minister – the collaboration between the CSM and the Minister is the key to restoring justice to the country that is increasingly closer to the needs of the community”. Today’s meeting was chaired by the head of state Sergio Mattarella. “My presence today – underlined the minister – in addition to being the occasion of a dutiful homage to the high institution that welcomes me, intends to reaffirm one of the constitutional principles that I hope will characterize every segment of my service: loyal collaboration”. This concept, as Nordio clarified, must be understood as a principle that “orients the actors of the legal system towards a connection, of thought and action, for the achievement of common objectives”.

“Reforms will reaffirm toga independence”

“Too important for those who speak to you – explained Minister Nordio – is to contribute to strengthening the relationship of trust of the community towards the judiciary, one of the pillars of the rule of law. This is one of the essential guidelines of the reform plan carried out by the Government “. Justice reforms will never undermine the full freedom and independence of the judiciary. In fact, these themes, underlined Minister Nordio, “are a great achievement that will be reaffirmed by the reforms, but true independence is within us”. And he added: “In this world there is nothing eternal except the words of the Lord . The rest is changeable. And so is the Constitution”. If it were to be amended tomorrow “there would never, ever be even minimal subjection of the prosecutor to the executive power”.

The tools of the magistrates

“Ensuring the judicial offices have the necessary staff and tools has been the priority since the first days in via Arenula”, Minister Nordio said again in his speech to the extraordinary plenum of the CSM. “Ensuring the functioning of the jurisdiction, so that it is able to respond to the demand for justice is our first duty.” And he added: “From January the electronic criminal trial will also be a reality: we will face it together, at a rapid pace but with appropriate gradualness which brings to a synthesis the needs and solutions represented as well as from the Lawyers as well as from the judicial offices”. At the end of the extraordinary plenum of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, the President of the Republic left the Palace of the Marshals. Sergio Mattarella and Carlo Nordio shook hands, thanking each other and wishing each other good work.