Justice, ok Cdm with report cards for the robes. No to psycho-aptitude tests

During the preparatory meeting for the Council of Ministers, the possibility of introducing questionnaires to evaluate candidates to join the judiciary emerged, but the idea was then put aside

According to what we learn, the Council of Ministers gives the green light to the two legislative decrees on Justice, including the provision on ‘report cards’ for the robes. However, among the measures envisaged, there would not be the one hypothesized in recent hours, in the pre-Council of Ministers, on psycho-aptitude tests for magistrates. As multiple sources explained, the hypothesis arose from an observation made by the executive at the table with the technicians.

The report cards

Another issue is that of report cards for magistrates, with the “magistrate’s file”: an evaluation of the work, established at the CSM. Inside there would be numbers, data and opinions compiled by the heads of the judicial offices, the pending proceedings, the outcome of the requests or measures rendered in the phases of the trial, the minutes of the hearings. Finally, the CSM will evaluate the role with promotions and failures every four years, starting from the date of appointment. The exam would end after the seventh evaluation, i.e. after 28 years of career. In this professional path there would be various evaluation criteria, with evaluation steps and failures passing through the Judicial Council, the decentralized consultative body of the CSM, and then by the CSM itself, with a final countersignature from the minister himself.