Justice Reform, Cartabia: “Great challenge but we’ll make it”

“The goal is to streamline trials that last an average of 7 and a half years in civil and over 5 in criminal,” said the visiting United States Minister of Justice. “A ball and chain that slows down the entire country to the detriment of our present socio-economic life and future generations”

A “faster and more efficient” justice, capable of “defusing” conflicts before they explode: this is the message launched by the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia, illustrating the reforms of justice to a selected audience of the US business community, in the residence of the Italian ambassador in Washington. “We know very well that in Italy as in the US we are living in extremely polarized societies, where disagreements easily turn into conflicts, which become anger, protests, unreasonable dissent”, he explained. “For this reason – he continued – we support the idea of ​​negotiating disputes, mediations, assisted negotiations in civil cases and restorative justice in criminal proceedings. We know well that the challenge is formidable but we believe we can do it. The question of time is time. also important for the victims of crimes whose complaints deserve rapid intervention within a reasonable time “, added Cartabia. (REFORM OF JUSTICE, WHAT IT PROVIDES)

“Time of changes”

“I believe – observed the Minister of Justice – that the priority of our society is to learn how to defuse possible social conflicts before they explode. The judicial system can help create a culture of reconciliation and this will be the most effective contribution to the renewal of the justice machine. that we can offer to future generations “. The goal, in practice, is to streamline processes that last on average 7 and a half years in the civil and over 5 years in the criminal. “Too much”, he said, speaking of a “ball and chain” that “slows down the entire country to the detriment of our present socio-economic life and future generations”. “It is time for change, not to be afraid of making unpopular decisions or disturbing established habits. This is why the Draghi government is embarking on the reform program courageously, resolutely, pragmatically and collectively”: the minister also said, explaining the reforms. of justice in the residence of the ambassador in Washington Mariangela Zappia in front of an audience of the US business community, attended by Italian and American journalists.