Justice Reform, Nordio: “Judicial independence is untouchable”

The Minister of Justice in Caivano to participate in the Day of Justice organized by the Braucci high school spoke to reporters as follows: “Sometimes there may have been misunderstandings, but our openness to dialogue is absolute”

Expected in Caivano on the occasion of the Justice Day organized by the Braucci high school of the Neapolitan municipality, the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio spoke with journalists outside the Don Milani institute, releasing some statements regarding the justice reform: “The differences of opinion between lovers they are an integration of love, said the poet: as a former magistrate I cannot be against the independence and autonomy of the judiciary. Sometimes there may have been misunderstandings, but our openness to dialogue is absolute and this will also be confirmed tomorrow at the Superior Council of the Judiciary, in the presence of the Head of State, where we will make our programmatic declarations”.

Resources and Pnrr

“The resources are what they are, we plan to optimize them also through technology – continues the Minister of Justice -, we are moving forward with digitalisation which will be able to speed up trials: rapid justice is the only form of justice, justice delayed is justice denied. Even if the newspapers don’t talk about it, because it’s other news that causes a sensation, most of the work of the entire Ministry is dedicated precisely to making justice quicker and more efficient. The Pnrr? We were granted it the last instalment, and I want to congratulate all the staff on this, because we have complied with the European directives”.