Justin Bieber with a paralyzed face: “I have Ramsay Hunt syndrome”. VIDEO

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“I have Ramsay Hunt syndrome linked to a virus that attacks the nerve in my ear and my facial nerves causing facial paralysis.” With these words Justin Bieber explained his medical condition to his fans with a video on Instagram. From the images you can see the singer with an evident facial paralysis that affects one half of the face. “As you can see, I can’t close this eye, I can’t smile on this side of my face, I can’t move my nostril. This whole part of my face is paralyzed, ”explains the singer.

The canceled shows

“For those who are frustrated with the cancellations of my upcoming shows, I can say that I am obviously unable” to perform, adds Bieber, explaining the forced hiatus from the Justice Tour that was taking him around Canada and the United States. “It will get better, I am doing a lot of exercises to get my face back to normal but it will take some time. I hope you understand. I will use this time to rest and relax, to get back to being 100%, to get back to doing what I am for. I was born. Until then I’ll have to rest to get my face back. “

What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a neurological condition resulting from the Herpes Zoster virus infection. One consequence is paralysis of the nerves of the face and blistering of the outer and inner ear, near the nose and mouth. In addition to paralysis of the facial muscles on the affected side it can cause hearing loss (which can be permanent). Another typical consequence is ear pain. Facial nerve palsy is often associated with type II syndrome and requires medication, exercise, and massage. The disease is not contagious but shingles can be passed on to other people. Some of the symptoms tend to go away within a few days. For others it takes more time than treatments and massages.