Justin Timberlake is back! Here is the video clip for Selfish

The wait was now exhausting for his fans, but Justin Timberlake is finally back.

The star of the seventh art and the seven notes has returned to the scenes of the second: the musical scenes, from which he had been missing for some time. She presented her new single, entitled, on Thursday 25 January Selfish.

This song marks JT’s first solo release in over five years.

The video clip of the song opens with the singer bowing in front of an audience that applauds him, then disappearing behind a curtain and entering a studio while the song – at a medium pace and with warm keyboards enriched by a beat – slowly emerges .

“If they saw what I saw/ They would fall the way I fell/ They don’t know what you want/ And, baby I would never tell/ Cause Your lips were made for mine/ And my heart would go flatline/ If it wasn’t beating for you all the time”, we hear Justin Timberlake sing in this song.

The verse can be translated as follows: “If they saw what I saw/ They would fall like I fell/ They don’t know what you want/ And, darling, I would never say/ ‘Cause your lips were made for mine/ And my heart would go in cardiac arrest/If it wasn’t beating for you all the time.”

His new song therefore turns out to be a hymn to eternal devotion, a song in which the minstrel pledges to never let go of his love, for any reason.
Selfish was written by Timberlake in collaboration with Louis Bell (Taylor Swift), Cirkut (Maroon 5), Theron Thomas and Amy Allen, and is co-produced with Bell and Cirkut.

You can watch the official video clips of Justin Timberlake’s new single, Selfishat the bottom of this article.

The video clip for the new single focuses exclusively on Timberlake

Justin Timberlake, as expected, is the great protagonist of the video for the new single.
This is a style video clip Alice in Wonderland, directed by Bradley J. Calder (SZA) and focused exclusively on the pop star, who we see enter a small door on stage, transported into a perspective-distorted corridor where he appears as a giant. He is trying to answer a red telephone that is on a distant wall.

“So if I get jealous, I can’t help it/ I want every bit of you, I guess I’m selfish / It’s bad for my mental, but I can’t fight it/ When you’re out lookin’ like you do/ But you can’t hide it, no,” sings the artist.
“So if I get jealous, I can’t help it/ I want every piece of you, I guess I’m selfish/ It hurts my mind, but I can’t fight it/ When you’re out there, looking like that/ But you can’t hide it, no” .

The chorus features his signature falsetto, which fans have come to expect from any Timberlake song.

We see a frustrated Justin Timberlake destroy the miniature sets

The song has a slow rhythm, perfect for creating that mellifluous and dramatic atmosphere in which we see a previously unseen frustrated Justin Timberlake (he who is always hyper smiling and bubbly) intent on destroying the miniature sets.

Suddenly he comes out into the pouring rain. He looks thoughtful, then goes on to sing on a stage, under a dim light, and here he shows another detail that fans always expect, whether frustrated or smiling: “his iconic fluid dance steps”, as Lars Brandle and Gil Kaufman are currently pointing out in the US edition of the music magazine Billboard.

The song has been teased in various ways

The singer has teased the song in various ways in recent days, including a live debut in his hometown (Memphis, in the state of Tennessee) and a post with what appeared to be the official cover of the upcoming album, shot by photographer Charlotte Rutherford.

Then he shared a fragment of himself from behind the stage curtain, thanking the audience over the sound of an old analogue drum machine and a lo-fi organ, taken from the video’s intro.

Selfish is the 1st track from his upcoming 6th album, titled Everything I Thought It Was

The pop star premiered this R&B track at her free concert in her hometown of Memphis on January 19, 2024, unveiling the first track from her upcoming sixth album, titled Everything I Thought It Was.

Selfish is the first taste of the follow-up to his 2018 solo album, Man of the Woods (which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart).
The release of his new album is scheduled for March 15th.

Last year Justin Timberlake reunited with *NSYNC

Billboard points out that Justin Timberlake’s solo music career has been “in deep hibernation lately.”

However, let’s remember that the singer returned to his boy band roots when he reunited with *NSYNC last year for Better Placewhich accompanied the animated film starring Timberlake himself, that is Trolls Band Together.

The track entered the chart at number 25, *NSYNC’s 13th lucky appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 and first appearance on the chart since the song Girlfriend with Nelly, which had reached number 5 in 2002.

“The 10-time Grammy winner will make fans remember what they’ve been missing when he serves as musical guest Saturday night at Saturday Night Livewith Dakota Johnson as host,” we read on Billboard. And JT will also visit the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Next Thursday.

The singer also announced another show in New York next Wednesday, revealing that he will perform at Irving Plaza – with a capacity of 1,100 – on January 31.

Below you can watch the video clip of Justin Timberlake’s new single, entitled Selfish.