Juve, Agnelli: “I’m ashamed of what’s happening”

The Juventus president: “I find it hard to think about a change in the race, Allegri is the coach and will remain”

“Today is a difficult evening, but it is a difficult time, one of the most difficult. This is the time to take responsibility, that’s why I’m here. I feel ashamed for what is happening. “The Juventus president said so Andrea Agnelli to Sky after the 2-0 defeat in the Champions League against Maccabi Haifa.

I feel ashamed, I am angry, but I am aware that football is a team sport, you play and win in eleven. We still have many games between now and the break, we have to do well and then think about the second part of the season which will have to see us as protagonists ”, added Agnelli, convinced that it was not wrong to call Allegri back. “I also saw some great returns, I think of Lippi. Talking about similarities is difficult, it’s a group problem, there are many matches that had to be affordable and that wasn’t the case. There is a psychological problem, we have to start again from here and to be a group. We have to start again, feel ashamed, apologize to the fans. Right now we are not making the fans proud, we know we have individual qualities and as a group “.

“How heavy is Allegri’s onerous contract? We are completely out of line, I’m talking about the group, there are no individual responsibilities. It can’t be the manager’s fault if we don’t manage to win a tackle. on the part of Juventus. We are talking about a group of 80-90 people who must find themselves, rediscover their identity and put into play the individual and collective skills we have. What measures will we take immediately? the coach. He will decide if he will retire, the roles will be respected as always.

Then a thought of the transfer market where players like De Ligt and Kulusevski had to sell to some players like Di Maria. “No, there are certain moments in which some players fail to emerge and it is better for them to change teams. We have important young players like Vlahovic, Fagioli and Soulé”, added the Juve president who is now thinking about getting out of this situation. “I think I have a group of excellent professionals, in football when things go well we talk about positive alchemy, at this moment it is negative. I am angry and I also feel a certain sense of shame, we have to put together a string of results because the restart can only pass from the field. We have to get out of Juventus ”.

“Decisions on Allegri? It is not a question of one person. This is a group question at the moment and we have to start again from this. There are no individual responsibilities. Juventus has always made the checks at the end of the year, I find it hard to think of a change in the running at Juventus, Allegri is the coach and he will remain “.